Sainsbury switches to CO2 fridges

Supermarkets are increasingly recognizing the environmental benefits of CO2 as a refrigerant. One of UK's largest supermarket chains, Sainsbury's, has pledged to switch to CO2 fridges in all its stores by 2030. It is being supplied with new CO2 chillers/freezers by Green & Cool, a Swedish company which sources key components from Alfa Laval.

DATUM 2019-07-23

Green & Cools solution uses two Alfa Laval components: a high-pressure brazed plate heat exchanger and an air-cooled gas cooler. With a proven technical solution in place and a market that is quickly coming round to its benefits, Micael Antonsson, Technical director at Green & Cool, believes in a bright future for both COas a refrigerant and for Green & Cool. "It is just a matter of finding production capacity and the distribution network," he says. "Then there is no limit."

"The supermarkets are convinced about CO2, but the biggest challenge is to convince the refrigeration companies, the installers around the world, that this technology is available, safe and proven," says Micael Antonsson, Technical director at Green & Cool.

Göran Hammarsson, Alfa Laval: "Alfa Laval is the only supplier that can supply both the air heat exchanger and the brazed heat exchanger for CO2 at high pressure. CO2 is now the highest priority for Alfa Laval. The next development is to take the gas cooler's coil geometry and apply it to evaporators for supermarket cold rooms, with design pressure up to 80 bar and at a cost not much higher than conventional HFC evaporators."



The AXP14 high-pressure brazed plateheat exchanger is the ideal solution for transcritical all-CO2cooling systems. It is compact, low weight and easy to handle. It has a design pressure of 140 bar.

 Alfa Laval AXP14 gas cooler 

AlfaBlue air-cooled gas cooler is a range of heavy-duty air-cooled condensers for air conditioning and refrigeration applications featuring an innovative coil design, providing excellent heat transfer at minimal refrigerant charge.

 AlfaBlue BXM/BXD, capacity range 20-450 kW 

 AlfaBlue Junior XG, capacity range 15-180 kW 

The customer

  • Green & Cool with headquarters in Luleå, Sweden.
  • Products they are offering are air conditioning units, chiller units, freezer units and combined chiller/freezer units.
  • Customers: Supermarkets, food and medical industry
  • Market presence: Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and UK.


To supply key components for supermarket chillers/freezers using CO2 as refrigerant.


Brazed air gas cooler AXP14 and AlfaBlue air-cooled gas cooler. Alfa Laval is the only supplier that can supply both the air heat exchanger and the brazed plate heat exchanger for CO2 applications at high pressure.

The end customer

  • J Sainsbury plc
  • Founded in 1869 in the UK
  • 934 stores comprising 557 supermarkets and 377 convenience stores.