Waste heat recovery



BiofuelsEthanol, biodiesel and fuels from renewable sources are the future. Our heat exchangers, decanters, reboilers and evaporators maximize efficiency in all phases of biofuel production, from heating and cooling to mixing and separation.

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ChemicalsAlfa Laval can help you meet the tough regulations and increasing energy prices within the chemical industry by supplying process solutions for increased production efficiency, improved energy conservation and minimized environmental impact.

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Mining and mineral processing

Mining and mineral processing industryAlfa Laval provide highly efficient and durable solutions for mining, mineral processing and pigment production. Our products are designed for the heating, cooling and separation of mineral slurries, for condensing, evaporation and dewatering and for complex separation duties, solvent extraction and electowinning processes.

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Crude oil refinery

Oil refineryAlfa Laval compact and fully welded Compabloc and high pressure spiral heat exchangers are allowing our customers to increase their energy savings, reduce emissions and improve their refining processes.

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Pulp and paper

Pulp and paper industryWith years of paper production know-how, Alfa Laval meets the challenges faced by the paper and pulp industry head on. We offer innovative and highly efficient solutions for energy savings and easy maintenance, helping you boost your bottom line and your environmental profile.

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Steel and coke oven gas

Steel and coke oven gasAlfa Laval develop innovative solutions for the steel industry, from production to processing. We know the impact of downtime on your bottom line, so our equipment is reliable and resilient, requiring reduced maintenance and eliminating unscheduled downtime.

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Sugar industry

Take advantage of Alfa Laval’s deep process know-how. With more than 40 years’ experience in meeting the needs of the sugar industry. We can advise you on all aspects of heat transfer and recovery and optimize your process.

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Customer stories

Here you find more customer stories within the different industries:


Customer stories

The following case stories show the results of waste heat recovery in industries: 

BAL, India

"40% reduced steam consumption"

Balaji Amines Limited is one of India’s largest manufacturers of speciality chemicals and amines. Installing Alfa Laval Compabloc heat exchangers reduced steam consumption by 40%, giving major savings in energy costs and significantly reduced CO2 emissions.

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Santelisa Vale, Brazil

"40% to 50% reduced steam consumption"
By using six Alfa Laval WideGap heat exchangers, Santelisa Vale has reduced the consumption of live steam by 40% to 50% at its Sertãozinho sugar and ethanol plant. The excess steam is used for generating electricity, which is sold to the national grid. The new heat exchangers also led to a reduced consumption of cooling water from a nearby lake. 

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Mulgrave Central Mill, Australia

"40% to 50% reduced steam consumption"
Mulgrave Central Mill produces raw sugar. When an Alfa Laval M30 plate heat exchanger was installed to preheat clarified juice, the capacity of the subsequent evaporator stage increased by 2.5% to 5%. The heat source is either bleed-off vapour from the first evaporator effect or low-pressure steam. 

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Kemira, Sweden

"240 GWh of heat sold to the local district heating network"

The Kemira sulphuric acid plant delivers a total of 240 GWh of heat to the district heating network of the city of Helsingborg. This corresponds to 25% of the city’s requirements and is the equivalent of around 22,000 m3 of oil. The payback time was less than one year.

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Shell, Canada

"13.5 MW recovered"
Shell replaced the shell-and-tube condensers at its refinery in Sarnia, Canada with eight Compabloc heat exchangers to recover approximately 13.5 MW. Recovering this heat means the steam plant still has additional capacity to meet further increase in demand.

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OPCON, Sweden

"Generate electricity from waste heat"
Opcon develops and markets cutting-edge products for waste heat recovery. Opcon Sweden uses Alfa Laval heat exchangers in its organic Rankine cycle systems. The systems are used for generating electricity from waste heat with temperatures as low as 55ºC.